McDonald's15, rock-bottom prices
★マクドナルドを世界最大のレストランに発展させたレイ・クロック(Ray Kroc)の著書『GRINDING IT OUT』(紡ぎ出す)から抜粋。現代資本主義型ブランドのケーススタディ。(20203040)

One of the basic decisions I made in this period affected the heart of my franchise system and how it would develop. It was that the corporation was not going to get involved in being a supplier for its operators. My belief was that I had to help the individual operator succeed in every way I could. His success would insure my success. But I couldn't do that and, at the same time, treat him as a customer. There is a basic conflict in trying to treat a man as a partner on the one hand while selling him something at a profit on the other. Once you get into the supply business, you become more concerned about what you are making on sales to your franchisee than with how his sales are doing.


rock-bottom pricesでサプライ品を提供することで、信頼関係の問題をクリアする。これもマックの成功の大きな要因と思われる。

"avoid the anti-trust problems some other franchise operations got into"


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