McDonald's14, never crossed my mind
★マクドナルドを世界最大のレストランに発展させたレイ・クロック(Ray Kroc)の著書『GRINDING IT OUT』(紡ぎ出す)から抜粋。現代資本主義型ブランドのケーススタディ。(20203040)

I have often been asked why I didn’t simply copy the McDonalds brothers’ plan. They showed me the whole thing and it would have been an easy matter, seemingly to pattern a restaurant after theirs. Truthfully, the idea never crossed my mind. I saw it through the eyes of a salesman. Here was a complete package, and I could get out and talk up a storm about it. Remember, I was thinking more about prospective Mulitmixer sales than hamburgers at that point. Besides, the brothers did have some equipment that couldn't be readily copies. They had a specially fabricated aluminium griddle for one thing, and the set-up of all the rest of the equipment was in a very precise, step-saving pattern. then there was the name. I had a strong intuitive sense that the name McDonald's was exactly right. I couldn't have taken the name. But for the rest of it, I guess the real answer is that I was so naive or so honest and that it never occurred to me that I could take their idea and copy it and not pay them a red cent.


レイは「Truthfully, never crossed my mind」(まったく考えなかった)と断言。その理由は







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